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Managed DNS Services

Managed Access

Managed Access provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on your custom domain with easy account management and optional installation support from the world's leader in Dynamic DNS. Your equipment supports us, let us support you.

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Your brand, our trusted network

Streamlined Account Management

Managing hostnames and user accounts is now easier than ever. Our Account Management page allows you to view an account overview of hostnames within your account all while being able to easily perform admin functions like update an IP address, reset a password or add/delete a hostname/device all together.

Managed Access device list

Easy Hostname Creation

Insecure logins, confusing group features, hard to add / manage new devices? Those issues are a thing of the past with our improved Add a New Device page. Hostname creation is now easier than ever. Our Add a New Device page streamlines the process for your installers or consumers.

  • Unique user credentials
  • Co-Branded Landing Pages
  • Easily Create, Modify And Manage Hostnames
  • Custom Solutions For Installers And Consumers
Managed Access add a new device

Case Study: Visual Armor

"Managed Access is a great feature for my business because I don't have the same problems I had before. My company's Managed Access growth is going to be huge, because it's just that easy to do.
- Alan Moon,

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Visual Armor Case Study

Three Levels of Access

With three levels of access, providing branded Dynamic DNS to your clients has never been easier.

Admin Panel

This panel is designed to make the management of DDNS easy for manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

Client Panel

Adding the Client Panel lets your end users create custom hostnames for their devices using your web portal.

Installer Panel

Adding the Installer Panel allows you to create limited access for your installers; enabling them to create hostnames without exposing other client information.

On Demand Installation Support

Our years of Dynamic DNS experience, paired with on demand availability, help security providers like you overcome setup pitfalls. Available Monday - Friday (and weekends), On Demand support guarantees your questions will get the attention you need when you need it. Ask your Sales rep or Account Manager for pricing details.

Prices starting at

Just $10 a month for 50 hostnames.

Grow your business with us - a price that scales with your budget.

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Our Managed Access Platform offers different tier packages, so your account is always the perfect fit.

Every Managed Access account includes access to the admin panel and a dedicated Account Manager. Additional features are affordable and can be added at any time.

Need more hostnames?

Custom pricing is available for large host volume. Contact us for pricing on more hostnames.

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Increase the Value of Your Service

From small to large, the industries top companies rely on Managed Access to give customers access to their security systems worldwide.

  • Bulk Device Upload Feature
  • Easy Remote Access On A Custom Domain (Yourdomain.Com)
  • Included In Most Security Devices
  • Co-Branded And White-Label Solutions Available

And trusted by over 30 million people worldwide.

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